What is 'hygiene'? What hygienic choices can keep us healthy? How does bad hygienic affect our body systems?

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"Health is wealth" is a popular saying. A person should understand the importance of health. Taking proper food helps our body perform different metabolic activities properly.

What is Hygiene ?

Hygiene is defined as the practices that make us clean and healthy. Good hygiene helps in preventing diseases. There are many ways to be hygienic [see down]. Hygiene also means to exercise and maintain good health, if you are hygienic means you are healthy. To be hygienic means also to be fit.

What should I do to be hygienic ?

As we know good hygiene helps us in preventing diseases, these are some steps to be hygienic :-

  1. We should have a bath daily and should wash our hands after and before eating our food.

  2. We should take proper care of our eyes and ears.

  3. We must take proper care of our Hair and teeth.

  4. We must keep our surroundings clean.

  5. Teeth must be brushed twice a day. A special kind of thread, called floss is also used for cleaning. Regular flossing removes food particles from between our teeth.

When you play often in mud or soil you should wash your hands or otherwise the germs enter your body and cause diseases.

Other things that keep us hygienic.

As we know that hygiene means good health and for good health we have to rest and exercise


Our body needs rest for its proper functioning, less or no sleep will result in in improper functioning of the body. As we know rest is important because without sleep or rest we will not be refreshed and rest leads to good work.


Exercise is important for remaining healthy. Regular exercise improves blood circulation. Outdoor games like Cricket, football and hockey help us stay fit. Exercise also helps us to stay fit and flexible.

How does bad hygienic affect our body systems?

As we know that to be Hygienic also means to be healthy and good hygiene prevents diseases and if we are not hygienic means we are not healthy and not being hygienic can also cause diseases.When we are not hygienic mainly we get smelly and dirty, which your friends probably won't like. You also get infections and rashes. In extreme cases also parasites.

Parts of our body which we should keep hygienic.


To be hygienic in the matter of teeth we should brush our teeth twice a day. We should also close the caps of the paste and the brush because it catches dirt. If we eat more sweet items our teeth will catch cavities. Cleaning our teeth twice a day keeps our teeth clean and shining and if we don't brush our teeth properly the teeth catch a thick yellowish substance called Plaque.

Bathing or taking shower

We should take a bath or a shower twice a day to keep us away from dirt if we don't bath we look dirty and stink.

Washing our hands

We should wash our hands before and after eating our food because eating with dirty hands can cause diseases. We should take advice from the pediatrician for healthy soaps and hand wash items.

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