What kind of food can keep us healthy? How? What will happen if we do not eat nutritios food? How will it affect our body systems?Include pictures and videos from the internet. The written text must be in your own words. Be careful of the language used. Mention the sources of information?
Nabil, Zia and Muskan

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What kind what kind of food can keep us healthy? How?

When and make you run like they go in the body the cells convert it to energy. This helps you to grow your muscles like a superman eating a healthy diet means giving your body the type and amount of foods and drinks that help you look and feel your best. Fruits are very healthy.
What will happen if we do not eat nutrias food?

Junk food can harm your body and sometimes they can kill cells too.
The cells do not get enough energy.

How will it affect our body systems?
The hemoglobin will be less.
Diseases will get attracted to the body and will soon die. The cells damaged. Our digestive system will not be digested well. It occurs many diseases for example. Cancer, etc.
(Encourage children to eat healthy food and avoid them to eat junk food.)

Cholesterol: If we eat too much of junk food or oily food do you know what will happen? The cholesterol will surround the heart and this will make a great difficulty for the heart to pump blood to the body.

Protein: milk, fish, dairy products, etc.

It helps are bones and muscles do good work.

Vitamin A: Cabbage, liver, carrot, papaya, butter, Milk, mango. These are all good for eyes which is a very important part of our body and growth

Diffency: night blindness, stunned growth.

Vitamin B: Tomato, mutton, potato, sweet corn, leafy vegetables etc.

For: carbohydrates and nervous system.

Diffency: dermatition, psychosis.

Vitamin B2: tomato, milk, cheese, soya beans, vegetables, liver, meat, egg, chicken.
For: healthy skin, mouth & eyes.
Deficiency: photophobia.
Vitamin B6: milk, liver,


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